Before the session
One week before
It’s recommended smearing the tattoo site with a moisturizer or coconut oil one week before the session (once a day) to make the skin softer.
2 days before
Drink 500 mg of vitamin C per day two days before the session - this will keep your skin from redness.
A day before
It is desirable not to drink alcohol and not to exercise the day before the session. It is important for girls to know that during critical days, pain may intensify, but if the tattoo is small or medium in size, then there is no need to worry.
On the day of the session
On the day
Wear black clothes to the session or take a change of clothes with you for the photo after the session.
After the session
4-5 days after
On the 4th-5th day after the session, remove the healing film and apply any moisturizing cream or ointment within 2-3 days.
5 days after
After the session, it is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol and exercise for 5 days.
2 weeks after
It is advisable to refrain from taking antibiotics and going to the bath / sauna for at least 2 weeks after the session.

Safety and materials

We are strongly attached to creativity and respect our craft too much. We have no moral right to use consumables that are not leaders in quality.

Maintaining process security is pretty cheap. Neglecting sterility is tantamount to disrespecting yourself first of all. There is nothing to worry about, we use dry heat and specialized chemicals to soak the holders. Everything that you see on the desktop is either one-time, or processed, or barred.

We care about you.

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We accept strong and unique masters to the team. You will be surrounded by accomplished and experienced craftsmen in the team, which has a positive effect on creative and personal development. Limited number of seats.

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